Our latest research fellow, Graziana Ciola

Hello, everyone! I am currently the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation/Lendrum post-doctoral fellow for the Durham Priory Library Project.
I am a historian of medieval logic and philosophy. I specialise in 14th century logic and natural philosophy. I completed a PhD in Philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, defending a doctoral thesis on Marsilius of Inghen's Treatise on Consequences, and came to join the Priory Library team in Durham from UCLA. The manuscripts definitely make up for the weather! I am particularly interested in the articulations of the motions of logical following and rationality throughout history.
My current research focuses on the impact of Richard de Bury's Durham Circle on the development of logic and philosophy in the 14th century and beyond. I will be posting updates here on my ongoing research, particularly on the Durham Cathedral  C.IV manuscripts, i.e. most of the logical and scientific manuscripts from the Priory Library's collection. Expect many oddities and hopefully a few breakthroughs!

Page from Aristotle's Logica nova, with commentary DCL MS C.IV.27, f.60r