The project uses a variety of readily available web technologies to present the text and image content.
This website uses a combination of WordPress and Semantic Mediawiki for the text content and IIIF compliant imagery.

The website uses WordPress for the basic content about the project. The blogging facility allows for updating on project progress, especially for announcing as each digitised manuscript becomes available online. These announcements are then enrolled on the Digitised Priory books page.

The website also uses Semantic Mediawiki to record more structured information about the Priory Library, from descriptions of the manuscripts and interpretation of their content to background details of the individuals, institutions and buildings who built and ran the Priory.

The digitised books are available via IIIF which should make them available in the most flexible way possible. Directly from our server they are viewable using an embedded Mirador viewer, but any IIIF compliant viewer should be able to access them.