The project is collaboration between Durham University and Durham Cathedral, to make available to a wider audience all of the books, manuscripts and texts held within their collections that formed part of the Library of Durham Cathedral prior to 1540.

The project had the following structure and team members:


Project Board: Ex Officio members (to 2021):

Durham Cathedral:

Dean of Durham
Canon Pastor

Durham University:

Executive Dean (Arts and Humanities)
University Librarian
Director of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Project Implementation Team (to 2021):

Durham Cathedral:

Head of Collections, Alison Cullingford
Imaging Services Officer, Dr Janet Gunning

Durham University:

Head of Collections, Judy Burg (Chair and Project Director)
Systems and Digitisation Manager, Dr Richard Higgins (Project Manager)
Director of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Professor Stephen Taylor (Deputy Chair)
Professor Richard Gameson (Professor of the History of the Book)
Development Executive – Arts & Humanities, Jess Smith
Head of Conservation, Tony King

Technical Team

Durham University:

Head of  Collections, Judy Burg (Chair and Project Director)
Collection Discovery Librarian, Dr Richard Higgins
Web Developer, Olli Lyytinen

Digitisation Team

Frank Addison
Robin Brownlee-Sayers
Caroline Craggs
Gizella Dewath

Members of the Palace Green Library Development Board support the work of fundraising for the project.

The University is undertaking the digitisation of the material, and storing, managing and preserving the associated digital images and metadata. It acts as host for the website and user interface.

The Cathedral and the University retain full ownership and copyright of the texts held within their respective collections, and will have full ownership of the images derived from their texts. Ownership of any associated metadata, catalogues, etc. created by the project will be shared and made freely available.