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On f.1r of DCL MS A.II.4 (the second and only surviving volume of William of St Calais' Bible) has been added in a different but near contemporary hand to the manuscript a list of the books given to Durham Priory by Bishop William. This is the earliest surviving list of Durham Priory manuscripts - the foundation donation to the Priory library. The scribal hand has been extensively discussed by Gullick, in Gullick 1990, and then in Gullick 1994 where he sets out his convincing argument that this scribe is Simeon of Durham [1]

The text has been written in the first column of the drypoint frame used for the main content and starts “Ista sunt nomina librorum · quos domnus Willelmus episcopus Sancto Cuthberto dedit.” At the time of writing, this was clearly William of St Calais (both as the only bishop of that name and being personally known by the contemporary scribe), but a later hand has added a note identifying two bishop Williams in the medieval era.

This list is cited in DCD Misc.Ch.2622, which lists donations to the Priory by bishops of Durham.

The manuscripts listed

Number List text Notes Survivor Current shelfmark
WSCBL-1 Bibliotheca id est vetus et novum testamentum in duobus libris. I N
WSCBL-2 Bibliotheca id est vetus et novum testamentum in duobus libris. II Y DCL MS A.II.4
WSCBL-3 Tres libri Augustini super psalterium I
WSCBL-4 Tres libri Augustini super psalterium II Y DCL MS B.II.13
WSCBL-5 Tres libri Augustini super psalterium III Y DCL MS B.II.14
WSCBL-6 de civitate Domini Y DCL MS B.II.22
WSCBL-7 epistolarum eiusdem Y DCL MS B.II.21
WSCBL-8 super evangelium Iohannis Y DCL MS B.II.17
WSCBL-9 Ieronimus super ·xii· prophetas Y DCL MS B.II.9
WSCBL-10 Epistolae eiusdem Y DCL MS B.II.10
WSCBL-11 Idem de Ebreis nominibus Y DCL MS B.II.11
WSCBL-12 Moralia Gregorii in duabus partibus I Y DCL MS B.III.10
WSCBL-13 Moralia Gregorii in duabus partibus II
WSCBL-14 Liber pastoralis
WSCBL-15a II Registri Y DCL MS B.III.9
WSCBL-15b II Registri
WSCBL-16 ·XL· omeli Y DCL MS B.III.11
WSCBL-17 Beda super Marcum et Lucam
WSCBL-18 Rabbanus super Matheum Y DCL MS B.III.16
WSCBL-19 liber sermonum et omeliarum I Y DCL MS A.III.29
WSCBL-20 liber sermonum et omeliarum II Y DCL MS B.II.2
WSCBL-21 Decreta pontificum
WSCBL-22 Hystoriae Pompeii Trogi
WSCBL-23 Prosper de contemplativa et activa vita
WSCBL-24 Origenes super vetus testamentum Y DCL MS B.III.1
WSCBL-25 Julius Pomerius
WSCBL-26 Tertullianus
WSCBL-27 Sidonius Sollius panigericus
WSCBL-28 Breviary I
WSCBL-29 Breviary II
WSCBL-30 Antiphonar I
WSCBL-31 Antiphonar II
WSCBL-32 Gradale I
WSCBL-33 I liber in quibus ad matutinas legitur
WSCBL-34 II liber in quibus ad matutinas legitur
WSCBL-35 Vitas patrum Y DCL MS B.IV.14
WSCBL-36 Vita Egiptiorum monachorum
WSCBL-37 Diadema monachorum
WSCBL-38 Enchiridion Augustini
WSCBL-39 Gregorius super Ezechielem Y DCL MS B.IV.13
WSCBL-40 Beda super Cantica Canticorum
WSCBL-41 Dialogus
WSCBL-42 Paradisus
WSCBL-43 R. Hystoria Anglorum Y DCL MS B.II.35
WSCBL-44 Ambrosius de Ioseph · de penitentia · de morte fratris Y DCL MS B.II.6
WSCBL-45 Libri confessionum sancti Augustini
WSCBL-46 Missal I
WSCBL-47 Missal II
WSCBL-48 Missal III
WSCBL-49 Martyrologium et regula Y DCL MS B.IV.24

Table based on Browne 1988 using the numbers assigned there[2], although the entry for “II registri” is only given one number - 15 - so here it has been modified to 15a and 15b. The prefix “WSBCL-” has also been added to clarfiy use of the reference elsewhere in this website.


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