Vetus catalogus librorum qui in armariolo Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis olim habebantur

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Vetus catalogus librorum qui in armariolo Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis olim habebantur

Incipit: Vetus et Novum Testamentum


The second earliest surviving catalogue of Durham Priory Library books, in DCL MS B.IV.24 (the “Durham Cantor's book”).

“Here the apparent aim was to identify rather than describe the books, and so to provide a means of checking them. For this purpose an order reflecting the physical arrangement of the books would have been convenient, and the list certainly lacks any other clear rationale; true, patristic texts are found towards the beginning and classical texts towards the end, and some authors have their works grouped together in sections, but saints' lives are scattered widely through the list, and some sections seem entirely miscellaneous.”

“The list itself gives no indication of its scope, but the omission of certain volumes known to have belonged to the community at the time is significant. Only two out of eight books associated with the previous community can be matched to entries from the list ... it seems that the list did not embrace books used in the performance of the liturgy, or volumes of hagiological significance. It is likely that it covered books kept in the monastic precincts as opposed to the church itself” (Piper 1978, p.214-5)

Language: Latin

Genre: Library catalogue
Edition Type:edition

Edition citation:Catalogi veteres 1838

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Volumes from Durham Priory Library that contain this work


Catalogi veteres 1838 :- Catalogi veteres librorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelm. Catalogues of the library of Durham Cathedral, at various periods, from the conquest to the dissolution, including catalogues of the library of the abbey of Hulne, and of the mss. preserved in the library of Bishop Cosin, at Durham (London: J. B. Nichols, 1838)
Piper 1978 :- Piper, A.J., “The libraries of the monks of Durham” in Parkes, Malcolm B. and Watson, Andrew G., Medieval scribes, manuscripts & libraries: essays presented to N.R. Ker (London: Scolar Press, 1978), 213-249