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Monk Biography:Joins Durham Priory in approximately 1483. Benedictine monk, at Durham College Oxford in 1486, where he gains a doctorate in theology in 1503. Returned to Durham where he held several senior offices in the Priory. There is extensive evidence of his activity organising the Priory archives and his study of books in the Priory library, his annotations and handwriting are found in many works. Mentioned in the Rites of Durham.
First recorded:1483
Last recorded:1539

Offices Held

Office:Bursar of Durham College Oxford 1493/01/07 - 1496

Office:Chancellor 1496/03/18 - 1500

Office:Master of Durham College Oxford 1500 - 1501

Office:Terrar 1504 - 1514

Office:Hostiller 1506 - 1516

Office:Almoner 1515 - 1539

Documentary evidence

Referred to:Entered in Liber Vitae Date: 1483 Document:London British Library Cotton MS Domitian A VII Document note:Dated as approximately 1483, first name in second column of f.79v, with Henry Thew

Referred to:Appointed Bursar, Durham College Oxford (and confessor) Date: 1493/01/07 Document:Durham Durham Cathedral Archive Registrum Parvum IV Document note:f.25v, first entry on page, both appointments jointly held with Richard Caly
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Referred to:Appointed Chancellor at Durham Priory Date: 1496/03/18 Document:Durham Durham Cathedral Archive Register V Document note:f.34r, heading on page indicates start of Swalwell's period in office
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Referred to:Appointed to conduct visitation in Howden and Howdenshire Date: 1499 Document:Durham Durham Cathedral Archive Registrum Parvum IV Document note:f.66r, second entry
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Referred to:Warden of Durham College, Oxford Date: 1500 Document:Durham Durham Cathedral Archive Register V Document note:f.57r (third entry on page)
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LVP Number:C.1221

LVP Entry:
Sharpe Number:1839
Swalwell, Thomas

Piper 1997 :- Piper, A. J., “Dr Thomas Swalwell: monk of Durham, archivist and bibliophile (d. 1539)”, in Books and collectors 1200-1700. Essays presented to Andrew Watson (London: British Library, 1997), 71-100

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