Pierre Bersuire, Repertorium morale

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Repertorium morale

Incipit: A a a, Domine Deus, ego nescio loqui


Compiled mid 1330s to early 1340s by Pierre Bersuire, this alphabetical list of words used in the Vulgate Bible was a massive reference work (Durham Priory' copy is nearly 2500 pages long) that would have been used as both a dictionary and an encyclopedia of Christian theology. Each word is defined and its contexts examined, moralised upon and cross-referenced within the Bible.

Sometimes called Dictionarium Biblicum or Dictionarium morale.

Author Pierre Bersuire (approximately 1290-1362)

Language: Latin

Genre: Bible -- Dictionaries

Genre: Preaching aids

Cited:Stegmüller RBMA Reference citation:6427 Notes:Includes DCL MS A.I.17-19 in list of surviving manuscripts

Volumes from Durham Priory Library that contain this work


Stegmüller RBMA :- Stegmüller, F., Repertorium Biblicum Medii Aevi (Madrid, 1950-80)
Gameson 2010 :- Gameson, Richard, ed., Manuscript treasures of Durham Cathedral, Richard Gameson with contributions by A. I. Doyle, John McKinnell, David Rollason, and Lynda Rollason and with a foreword by the Dean of Durham (London: Third Millennium Publishing, 2010)

Volumes from Durham Priory Library containing this work