Durham Durham University Library Cosin MS V.iii.4

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Current locationDurham University Library
Current ShelfmarkDurham Durham University Library Cosin MS V.iii.4
Summary TitleDecretals of Boniface VIII
Creation Date Start
Creation Date End
Creation Date Statement
Collation Formula1-38, 4-612; 74 (1-2 stubs of cancels)
Pages / Foliosii+60+vi f.
Page: Lines
Volume: Height24.8 cm
Width17.9 cm
BindingBrown calf, blind tooled with Hugh Hutchinson's rolls A, and D on board edges, 17th century; spine,mid 19th century, gilt title and shelf-numbers and 1 clasp.
Secundo foliopuniendus
IIIF manifest:
Digitised online:
Media FormatManuscript
Durham University Library Cosin MS V.3.04

Creation PlaceFrance or England


Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(annotator)

Associated person:George Davenport, 1631-1677Role:(donor (post-dissolution))

Evidence category: content Content: (4) in the hand of Thomas Swalwell

Contained work:Decretalium Liber Sextus Boniface VIII

Notes:Corpus Juris Canonici ii,933 1124; here, as often, V,xii,3 (CIC ii,1109 1121) is omitted. Two capitula are divided in two: I,xiv,4 (CIC ii,979) at “Cum autem delegatus” (f.16); II,xvi,1 (CIC ii,1053) at “Sane ut hoc salutare” (f. 39).

Catalogue notes:Not in MLGB3