Durham Durham University Library Cosin MS V.ii.1

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Current locationDurham University Library
Current ShelfmarkDurham Durham University Library Cosin MS V.ii.1
Summary TitleLiber Numerorum cum Glossa Ordinaria
Creation Date Start1170
Creation Date End1200
Creation Date Statementsecond half of 12th century
Collation Formulai, 1-28, 38 (+ two f.24-25 after 6), 48, 510 (3 and 8 singletons), 6-138 (two stubs between f.19 and 20; one between f.37 and 38, one between f. 42 and 43)
Pages / Foliosii+108+i f
Page: Lines
Volume: Height27.5 cm
Width18.5 cm
BindingFull calf, 17th century, bound in Durham by Hugh Hutchinson with his roll A, tool no. 1 more heavily impressed, and roll D on edges of boards. Spine replaced in late 20th century, endpapers, bookplate, and clasp mid 19th century. Rust holes in f.1 (thin lifted pastedown) from a former clasp, with a corresponding single hole for a pin in f.108-109.
Secundo folioQuinta
IIIF manifest:
Digitised online:
Media FormatManuscript
Durham Durham University Library Cosin MS V.1.04

Creation PlaceEngland or Northern France

Creator role:scribe

Creator notes:Both Mynors (p.87, no.153) and De Hamel (p.30, n.19) associate the hand with that of Durham Cathedral Library MS A.IV.1 (Leviticus, with gloss), given by Bishop Hugh du Puiset (d. 1195), together with four other glossed Biblical texts, probably brought from France. The hand does appear to be the same as in DCL MS A.IV.1, in which however rubrics and initials (major painted and minor with penwork) are completed; in it chapter numbers are supplied marginally as here. Script:Protogothic Script notes:Written in two sizes, employing a range of ad hoc signs in pairs leading the reader from the foot of one column to the head of the next; from f.24v onwards the interlinear glosses are generally written in noticeably lighter ink.

Creator role:binder Creator:Hugh Hutchinson, -1695


Decoration not executed - blank spaces remain unfilled.

Associated person:Hugh du Puiset, approximately 1125-1195Role:(donor)

Associated person:Hugh Hutchinson, -1695Role:()

Associated person:George Davenport, 1631-1677Role:(donor (post-dissolution))

Evidence category: pressmark Content: A Notes: f.2r

Contained work:Numbers, glossed



Catalogued:Mynors 1939 Reference citation:153 Notes:p.87 Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/MynorsDCM/METSmynors.xml#page/86/mode/2up

Catalogued:DUL Online catalogue

Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=ark/32150 s1db78tc10g.xml

Mynors 1939 :- Mynors, R. A. B., Durham Cathedral manuscripts to the end of the twelfth century (Oxford: OUP, 1939)

De Hamel 1984 :- de Hamel, Christopher, Glossed books of the Bible and the origins of the Paris book trade (Woodbridge, Suffolk, England: Boydell Press, 1984)