Durham Durham Cathedral MS C.IV.4

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Current locationDurham Cathedral
Current ShelfmarkDurham Cathedral MS C.IV.4
Summary TitleMedical texts
Creation Date Start1200
Creation Date End1233
Creation Date StatementEarly 13th century
Collation Formula(I) I-IV8, V5 (=8 with 6-8 cancelled)

(II) I-IV8, V6 (=8 ?lacks 7-8)

(III) I-II8, III6 (?=8 lacks 7-8)
Pages / Foliosi+98+i f
Page: Lines
Volume: Height28 cm
Width20 cm
BindingStandard Tuckett binding, mid 19th century full brown calf over thick wooden boards (Charles Tuckett, binder to the British Museum, rebound many Durham manuscripts in the 19th century)
Secundo folioet hoc facere si sufficiat
IIIF manifest:https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t2mpk02c974r
Digitised online:https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t2mpk02c974r.html
Media FormatManuscript
Durham Cathedral MS C.4.04

Creation Place

Creator role:scribe

Creator notes:It is possible that all three sections were written by the same scribe Script:Textualis libraria


Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(annotator)

Associated person:John of Ripon, -approximately 1413Role:(owner)

Evidence category: ownership Content: Constat Rypon Notes: Inscription f.98v, late 14th century

Evidence category: pressmark Content: V

Evidence category: pressmark Content: 2a 7i B Notes: f.1r

Evidence category: inscription Content: Notes: Table of contents f.1r in the hand of Thomas Swalwell

Evidence category: exlibris Content: liber medicinarum assignatus communi armariolo Dunolm Notes: f.1r

Evidence category: inscription Content: liber amphorii... cum alijs ... De communi libraria monachorum dunelm Notes: Partly illegible, f.1

Contained work:Hippocrates, Aphorismata

Notes:Occasional interlinear gloss

Contained work:Hippocrates, Prognostica

Notes:No gloss

Contained work:Galen, Tegni

Notes:Regular marginal and interlinear gloss

Contained work:Constantinus Africanus, Viaticum

Notes:Glossing diminishes

Contained work:Isaac Judeus, Practica


Contained work:Galen, Anatomia vivorum


Contained work:Medical miscellanea


A collection of three coeval parts: (I), (II) and (III), brought together by late 15th century (when titles were added to individual texts throughout, and the content of the whole was listed on f.1r by Thomas Swalwell), probably by late 14th century (when common title was added to f.1r and an ownership note to f.98v). According to the added content list, the volume then started with “Diuisiones et subdivisiones -?- et tegni galieni”); however, this entry was soon annotated hic non est. An earlier, fuller state is also reflected in a note that was added to f.97v: In isto uolumine sunt centum et x folia script[a].


Catalogued:Rud 1825

Notes:p.295-6 Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/RudDCLmss/rudmsMETSfile.xml#page/300/mode/2uphttp://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/RudDCLmss/rudmsMETSfile.xml#page/300/mode/2up

Rud 1825 :- Codicum manuscriptorum ecclesiae cathedralis Dunelmensis catalogus classicus, descriptus a Thoma Rud ... cum appendice eos codices continente qui post catalogum confectum diversis temporibus comparati sunt, ed. Thomas Rud (Durham, 1825)