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Current locationDurham Cathedral
Current ShelfmarkDurham Cathedral MS B.III.10
Summary TitleGregory the Great, Moralia in Job
Creation Date Start1075
Creation Date End1096
Creation Date Statementbefore 1096
Collation Formula3 singletons, I-XXIX8, XXX6
Pages / Foliosiv+244+i f
Page: Lines39
Volume: Height34.2 cm
Width22.5 cm
BindingStandard Tuckett binding, mid 19th century full brown calf over thick wooden boards (Charles Tuckett, binder to the British Museum, rebound many Durham manuscripts in the 19th century)
Secundo folioretur. Quamuis terciam
IIIF manifest:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q
Digitised online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q.html
Media FormatManuscript
Durham Cathedral MS B.3.10

Creation PlaceNormandy

Creator role:scribe

Creator notes:Scribe also found in DCL MS B.III.1 and manuscripts owned by Exeter, Jumièges, and St Albans. Script:Protogothic


Two major decorated initials at start, then Arabesque initials, 10 lines high, in red, green, yellow and blue (the main letter-shape in one colour, with detailing and or shading in the others) head each subsequent book.

DecorationType:Initial, inhabited Initial letter:R
Text following:Reverentissimo atque sanctissimo
Decoration location:f.1r

Decoration notes:25 lines high constructed from acanthus trellis, a dragon, plus tubes and foliate curls, through which clamber a man and a quadruped; it is outlined in black and red inks with details in green, blue and red, and is set against red, yellow, green and blue grounds.

View in context online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1t9019s321b

DecorationType:Initial, inhabited Initial letter:I
Text following:Inter multos sepe
Decoration location:f.3r

Decoration notes:Over 14 lines high, constructed of foliate curls at the upper and lower terminals, a damaged beast mask and a man with a staff straddling the main body of the letter. Outlined in black and red inks with details in green, blue and red, and are set against red, green and blue grounds.

View in context online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1tgq67jr79x

DecorationType:Initial, illuminated Initial letter:S
Text following:Scriptura sacramentis
Decoration location:f.16r

Decoration notes:Arabesque initials, 10 lines high, in green, with red, yellow and blue detailing and shading.

View in context online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1t3r074v67v

One of the books presented to Durham Priory by William of St Calais, the first and only surviving of two volumes.

Associated person:William of St Calais, -1096Role:(donor)

Evidence category: catalogue Content: Moralia Gregorii in duabus partibus I Notes: William of St Calais book list in DCL MS A.II.4, f.1r
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t2mcz30ps641&canvas=t2txs55mc048

Evidence category: exlibris Content: C Prima pars moralium gregorii pape De communi libraria monachorum dunelm Notes: f.1r, early 15th century, upper margin.
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1t9019s321b

Evidence category: catalogue Content: .C. XVI libri Moralium beati Gregorii pape. iio. fo. retur Quamvis Notes: Cloister catalogue 1395 (DCL MS B.IV.46), f.24v
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t2msn009x76t&canvas=t2t0c483j421

Contained work:Breviary (fragment)
Location:f.i* & 243 (flyleaves)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1tbg257f89x
Notes:Fragment of breviary, possibly written in Durham in a Protogothic, spiky hand: Sanctorale for end of June to start of July. Reused at later date as flyleaf.

Contained work:Gregory the Great, Homiliae in Evangelia (fragment)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1tmk61rh82h
Notes:Single leaf, possibly a rejected sheet written in Durham in a Protogothic hand. End of Homily I.4. Reused at later date as flyleaf.

Contained work:Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1t9019s321b
Notes:Books 1-16

Contained work:Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job (fragment)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1tfj2362761
Notes:A rejected start to quire XXX.

Contained work:Augustine, Sermones de verbis Domini (fragment)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1mmw22v546q&canvas=t1t1n79h504m
Notes:Fragment of Sermon 70. Probably a bifolium, currently reversed and with another bifolium interposed between them. Part of the same book as DCL MS B.III.16


Catalogued:Rud 1825

Notes:p.156 Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/RudDCLmss/rudmsMETSfile.xml#page/162/mode/2up

Catalogued:Mynors 1939 Reference citation:040 Notes:p.38-9 Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/MynorsDCM/METSmynors.xml#page/38/mode/2up

Catalogued:Gameson 1999 Reference citation:236 Notes:Moralia in Job

Catalogued:Gameson 1999 Reference citation:237 Notes:Flyleaves (f.i* and 241) - fragment from breviary

Catalogued:Gameson 1999 Reference citation:246 Notes:f.ii Augustine, sermon (fragment) as part of entry for B.III.16

Catalogued:Gneuss and Lapidge 2014 Reference citation:241 Notes:Moralia in Job

Catalogued:Gneuss and Lapidge 2014 Reference citation:241.3 Notes:f.ii Augustine, sermon (fragment)

Catalogued:Gneuss and Lapidge 2014 Reference citation:241.5 Notes:Flyleaves (f.i* and 241) - fragment from breviary

Rud 1825 :- Codicum manuscriptorum ecclesiae cathedralis Dunelmensis catalogus classicus, descriptus a Thoma Rud ... cum appendice eos codices continente qui post catalogum confectum diversis temporibus comparati sunt, ed. Thomas Rud (Durham, 1825)

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