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Current locationDurham Cathedral
Current ShelfmarkDurham Cathedral MS A.I.4
Summary TitleNicholas of Lyra, Postilla litteralis (on Job, Psalms, Canonical Epistles, Acts, Apocalypse)
Creation Date Start1383
Creation Date End1400
Creation Date Statementlate 14th century (after 1383)
Collation FormulaI-III8, IV9 (=8 with a slip [f.26A] inserted after leaf 2), IV-XVIII8, XVIII-XIX10, XX-XXVII8
Pages / Foliosii+229+i f
Page: Lines60
Volume: Height43.5 cm
Width29 cm
BindingBound in Durham by Waghorn, 18th century. Pasteboard boards covered in calf; decorated with two rolled rectangles, the outer one with fleuron corner-pieces; the innermost and outermost zones speckled to be darker; 2 metal clasps; gilt armorial of Durham Cathedral subsequently applied to the centre of both boards (presumably by Tucketts).
Secundo folioquamuis essent
IIIF manifest:https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t1m9019s252t
Digitised online:https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t1m9019s252t.html
Media FormatManuscript
Durham Cathedral MS A.1.04

Creation PlaceEngland, Durham

Creator role:scribe Creator:William le Stiphel Creator notes:Signature stiphel at the end of the stint (f.76v, lower margin, centre) Script:Textualis quadrata, sometimes semi-quadrata, rectilinear; calligraphic elaboration of sentence capitals; also responsible for some corrections in rasura. Script notes:Scribe 1: f.1r-26v, 27r-76v (quires I-IX and part of X). Citations underlined in red; some deletion in red; running headings in red to 48v (end of quire VI).

Creator role:scribe

Creator notes:The hand of le berby, as attested by the signatures le Berwby on f.90v (below col. 1 where his stint ends) and le borwby on f.228r (ending the colophon) Script:Textualis, semi-quadrata, grand in scale but poorly controlled. Script notes:Scribe 2: f.77r-90v/column 1; f.157r-228r (parts of quire X and XII, all of quire XI and XX-XXVII). From f.77r-88v (quires X-XI) and again from f.221r-228r (quire XXVII), citations are underlined in red, and some deletions are done in red; otherwise in ordinary ink. No running headings on f.77r-90v; red running headings throughout 157r-228r.

Creator role:scribe

Creator notes:Unidentified scribe Script:Textualis semi-quadrata. Script notes:Scribe 3: f.26A, 90v/column 2-156r. Citations underlined in black ink. In the work of this scribe alone, paraphs, alternately blue then red, mark subdivisions.


(a) and (b) are headed by a red and blue initial, 12 lines high, flourished in both colours; amplified by red and blue extensions on three sides of the page, their flourishing extending along the fourth side. (c 1) and (c 2), (d)’s preface and incipit, and (e)’s incipit are marked by blue initials, 6 + lines high, flourished in red. Items (c 3)-(c 7) are headed by blue initials, 3+ lines high, flourished in red; so too are chapters in (a), (c), (d) and (e) and the start of each psalm in (b).

Associated person:William le StiphelRole:(scribe)

Evidence category: Content: Notes: Payments in subsidium libro scribendo qui dicitur Lyra are recorded in Durham Feretrar’s accounts for 1383-4 and 1384-5 relating to DCL MS A.I.3 and 4

Evidence category: inscription Content: Nicholaus de lira super Iob psalterium epistolas canonicas Actus apostolorum et Apocalipsim De communi libraria monachorum dunelm' Notes: early 15th century, f.1r, top.
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tc821gm56c

Evidence category: pressmark Content: M Notes: M (crossed through), 14th/15th century, f.1r, top left.
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tc821gm56c

Evidence category: pressmark Content: 1 2i N Notes: 15th century, f.1r, top right.
See online in context: https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tc821gm56c

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In Job
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tc821gm56c

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In Psalmos
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tmc87ps00r

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (James)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tnp193b83n

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (Peter I)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1t2r36v0203

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (Peter II)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1t8g84mn804

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (John I)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tm613n019t

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (John II)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tpn89d8294

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (John III)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1thh63sx573

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In epistolas canonicas (Jude)
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1t3f4627069

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In Actus Apostolorum
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1ttm70mw81d

Contained work:Nicholas of Lyra, In Apocalypsim
View online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t1m9019s252t&canvas=t1tg732db69h

Composed of two matching, contemporary parts: quires I-XIX, f.1-156 and quires XX-XXVII, f.157-228. Part I (f.1-156) was shared between three scribes; part II (f.157-228) was entirely by scribe 2.


Catalogued:Cloister catalogue 1395 Reference citation:M Nicholaus de lira Doctor Parisiensis super Job, Pauli Epistolas Canonicas, Actus apostolorum et Apocolipsim iio fo Quamvis essent (In libraria) Notes:f.19v Online:https://iiif.durham.ac.uk/index.html?manifest=t2msn009x76t&canvas=t2t3n203z125

Catalogued:Rud 1825

Notes:p.4 Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=bookreader/RudDCLmss/rudmsMETSfile.xml#page/10/mode/2up

Catalogued:DUL Online catalogue

Online:http://reed.dur.ac.uk/xtf/view?docId=ark/32150 s23n203z12n.xml

Rud 1825 :- Codicum manuscriptorum ecclesiae cathedralis Dunelmensis catalogus classicus, descriptus a Thoma Rud ... cum appendice eos codices continente qui post catalogum confectum diversis temporibus comparati sunt, ed. Thomas Rud (Durham, 1825)

Catalogi veteres 1838 :- Catalogi veteres librorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelm. Catalogues of the library of Durham Cathedral, at various periods, from the conquest to the dissolution, including catalogues of the library of the abbey of Hulne, and of the mss. preserved in the library of Bishop Cosin, at Durham (London: J. B. Nichols, 1838)