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Chancellor of Durham Priory

The chief legal advisor within Durham Priory, often representing the Priory in religious courts. The post normally involved taking charge of the Priory's library and archives as well as the official seal

The post could also be known as the Librarian or the Registrar.

Office holders

Thomas Rome, active 1383-142517 May 1406 JL
John Washington, -14511409 JL1409 JL
William Seton, -14651445 JL1446 JL
William Elwick, active 1440-15001458 JL
John Manby, active 1463-149514 October 1471 JL
John Manby, active 1463-14951478 JL1480 JL
Thomas Swalwell, -153918 March 1496 JL1500 JL
Christopher Willy, -15301517 JL1518 JL