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Current locationCambridge University, Corpus Christi College
Current ShelfmarkCorpus Christi College EP.S.3
Summary TitleGianfrancesco Pavini, Baculus pastoralis (Paris, 1503) and Soybert, Pierre, De cultu vinee domini (Paris, 1503)
Creation Date Start1503/01/31
Creation Date End1503/11/28
Creation Date StatementImprints of 1503
Collation Formula
Pages / Folios[12] + c ; cxli + 11 leaves of index
Page: Lines
Volume: Height cm
Width cm
Binding16th century English blind tooled calf over wooden boards (tool Oldham K(4) with unidentified diaper roll: Cambridge, between 1503 & 1521?); traces of single clasp; manuscript waste; rebacked
Secundo folio
IIIF manifest:
Digitised online:
Media FormatPrinted
Cambridge Corpus Christi College EP.S.3

Creation PlaceParis

Creator role:printer Creator:Gering, Ulrich, -1510

Creator role:printer Creator:Rembolt, Berthold, -1518


Purchased by Thomas Swalwell, 22 March 1538, then held by William Wylam during his tenure as prebendary of Durham Cathedral. Possible ownership signatures of Richard Burton and William Marshall. Then either acquired by Matthew Parker or in 1593 to replace a copy missing from the Parker Library.

Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(owner)

Associated person:William Wylam, -1556Role:(owner)

Evidence category: inscription Content: Ric. B[u?...n?] Notes: Below the inscription of William Watson, erased.

Evidence category: inscription Content: liber d[omi]ni wyll[el]mi watson quo[n]d[am] monachi dune[lmi]

Evidence category: inscription Content: Liber Wi Watson [altered from Rci B(urt?)on] s[ed] p[er] p[er]mutacio[n]es cum do[mi]no tho[m]a [cancelled: ...lson] cum alt[er]o lib[ro] effi[...] Wi[?] [cancelled: Marshall?] sed m[odo] e[st] lib[er] d T [cancelled: Swalwell] dunelm mo[na]ch p[er] eu[n]de[m] e[m]ptus die 22 m[ar]cij A[nn]o [christi] 1537 Notes: Below the erased inscription of Richard Burton

The Cambridge catalogue suggests "Perhaps a replacement for Parker's copy of a 1514 ed., apparently missing in 1590 & 1593. See Page, "Audits and replacements", p. 31-4."

Catalogued:Gaselee 1921 Reference citation:196 and 199


Catalogued:CUL Online catalogue

Notes:Pavanis Online: ALMA21411251140003606&context=L&vid=44CAM PROD&search scope=SCOP CAM ALL&tab=cam lib coll&lang=en US

Gaselee 1921 :- Gaselee, S., The early printed books in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. A hand-list arranged in order of country, town & press, with short references to Proctor's Index and other bibliographical works (Cambridge: CUP, 1921)

Page 1991 :- Page, R. I. “Audits and replacements in the Parker Library: 1590-1650.” Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, 10 (1991) 17–39