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Current locationCambridge University Library
Current ShelfmarkCambridge University Library MS Kk.5.10
Summary TitleBible, and Alexander Nequam, Corrogationes Promethei
Creation Date Start
Creation Date End
Creation Date Statement13th century
Collation Formula
Pages / Folios361
Page: Lines57
Volume: Height cm
Width cm
Secundo folio
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Media FormatManuscript

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Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(annotator)

Evidence category: content Content: Iste liber assignatur almariolo noviciorum per Magistrum Thomam Swalwell sacre Theologie professorem an. d. (date erased)

Contained work:Adaptationes veteris testamenti et novum

Notes:This is the abbreviated version. Attributed to Adam of Dore and Bernardus Morlanensis

Contained work:Bible

Notes:Description CULMSS 1856, v.3 p.679:

"ff.1-8 contain Adaptationes veteris et novi Testamenti, Coloquium Gabrielis et Virginis de Incarnatione, in pairs of Leonine hexameters. These are verses exhibiting the Scripture types.

The first of these with its rubrical reference is:

Dicit Deus serpenti de muliere, ipsa conteret capud tuum

Viperei cerebri vas calce perit muliebri

Cum generat verbum meditans nil virgo superbum

The last is:

Reponunt triticum in horreo et zizania comburuntur.

Agmina salvata sunt messis in horrea lata :

Agmina dampnata sunt noxia grana cremata

The prologue begins f. 9 and Genesis f. 11, the initial I containing a vertical series of vignettes of the creation. The books occur in their usual order excepting that the Acts is placed after the Epistle to the Hebrews. Each book has an illuminated initial letter. S. Matthew begins f. 233, and the Apocalypse ends f. 285 followed by the "Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum" which are written in triple columns and the "Abbreviatio inter pretationum" written in four columns and occupying ff. 309-317.

Contained work:Nequam, Corrogationes Promethei
Location:f. 318-361

Notes:Hunt 1984, p.131 identifies as incomplete copy of part II only

Catalogued in CULMSS 1856, v.3, p.679-80, which dates it as 14th century and notes that it "formerly belonged to a monastery, but the name has been carefully effaced from f.1" and notes inscriptions relating to Thomas Wastwell, Walter Stonehouse, Robert Mawes and John Colman.

Dated as 13th century by Hunt 1984, p.131

See Durham Liber Vitae 2007, v.3, p.396 for notice of this manuscript relating to Swalwell.

CULMSS 1856 :- A catalogue of the manuscripts preserved in the library of the University of Cambridge. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press (Cambridge, 1856)

Hunt 1984 :- Hunt, R. W., edited and revised by Margaret Gibson, The schools and the cloister. The life and writings of Alexander Nequam, 1157-1217 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1984)