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Bursar of Durham College, Oxford. Second official of the College (after Warden) responsible for financial administration. Office always held jointly by two monks. Earliest recorded office holders in 1389.

Office holders

John of Ripon, -approximately 14131389 JL1390 JL
Thomas Rome, active 1383-142515 August 1391 JL29 September 1392 JL
William Pocklington, active 1381-144315 August 1391 JL29 September 1392 JL
Thomas Rome, active 1383-142525 September 1394 JL29 June 1396 JL
John Washington, -14511398 JL1406 JL
William Seton, -146529 September 1436 JL29 September 1440 JL
William Seton, -146529 September 1442 JL29 September 1444 JL
William Elwick, active 1440-15001454 JL1457 JL
John Manby, active 1463-14951477 JL
Thomas Swalwell, -15397 January 1493 JL1496 JL
Christopher Willy, -15301511 JL1513 JL