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Current locationAberystwyth National Library of Wales
Current ShelfmarkAberystwyth NLW bo5_P3
Summary TitleWilliam Lyndwood, Prouinciale, seu Constitutiones Anglie
Creation Date Start1506
Creation Date End1506
Creation Date Statement23 March 1505 (1506)
Collation FormulaA-C6 a-h8 i6 k8 l6 m8 n6 o8 p6 q8 r6 s8 t6 v8 x6 y-z8 &10; ✠-2✠6 2A-I8 K6
Pages / Folios
Page: Lines
Volume: Height37 cm
Width cm
Secundo folio
IIIF manifest:
Digitised online:
Media FormatPrinted

Creation PlaceParis


Ownership inscription of Thomas Swalwell, monk of Durham

Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(owner)

Associated person:Thomas Swalwell, -1539Role:(annotator)

Associated person:Alfred R Llewellin-Taylour, 1877-1972Role:(donor (post-dissolution))

Evidence category: ownership Content: Liber T. Swalwell monachi est 1519 prec' 8 s' Notes: Ownership inscription of Thomas Swalwell on A1

Durham_Liber_Vitae_2007 under Swalwell (v.3, end of p.395)

Contained work:Lyndwood, Provinciale seu Constitutiones Anglie

Notes:"Canon law of the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury as collected and abridged in 1433 by William Lyndwood, with his explanatory gloss. Regarded by some authorities as law of the Church of England." ESTC

Paris : Printed by Wolfgang Hopyl for William Bretton. Venales habentur Londoñ. apud bibliopolas in Cimiterio sancti Pauli: in signo sanctissime Trinitatis et sancte Anne matris marie i.e. H. Jacobi and J. Pelgrim